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Stadium LED Display

The LED display screens have become an important part in our daily life events, whether it is a small event or a big one. Well, these LED display screens are available in a lot of different varieties. You can find different LEDs that are particularly built to be used in the outside environment. At Unilight, you can find LED display screens that are made to be used in the stadiums. These are called stadium LED display screens..

    Pixel pitch: 10mm, 16mm
    • They have better brightness to be used in outdoor environment
    • They can be used to display scores
    • They are more reliable and efficient
    • They make a good impression on the audience

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There are a lot of people who would not buy the stadium LED screens because they think that there isn’t any difference between normal LEDs and stadiums LEDs. Well, this is not true because the stadium LED screens are designed to work well in extreme light environments. Moreover, they are tough and durable as they are used in the outside environments. It is better to at least check these LED display screens before you make any judgements. Normal LEDs don’t work fine in extreme light exposure. Below are some features of the stadium LED display screen:


Impact resistance:

A number of features of the Spherical Crown Shape LED are as follow:

Unique cabinet design:

The stadium LED display screen has adjustable inclination angles.

Whole saving engergy≥30%

High-bright lamps, low energy consumption and they also save up to 30% electricity.

Fast Installation and disassembling:

These LEDs are closely combined, reliable, safe and adjustable.