Rental LED Display

Rental LED Screen

These rental LED screens are available in two types, the outdoor rental and the indoor rental. Well, you can possible guess, the outdoor rental LED screens are used for the outdoor events. On the other hand, the indoor LED screens are the one that are used for indoor events.

Indoor Rental LED Screens

The indoor rental LED screens are usually made of the die-casting aluminum. These LEDs are not waterproof as they are used in the indoor environments. These LEDs don’t have a lot of brightness as no contrast is present..

Outdoor Rental LED Screens

These LEDs are made from the magnesium alloy. They are highly water proof as these LEDs are normally used in the outdoor environment. They have high brightness of deal with the outdoor brightness. They can be used in both environments, whether indoor or outdoor.

Benefits of Rental LED Walls

These rental LED wall screens have a lot of different benefits. Some reasons to choose the LED walls for rent are as follow:

  • 1. Easy to install, remove and easily transportable as well
  • 2. Shaped in different forms to meet the location’s requirement
  • 3. Cost effective as compared to the LEDs only for an event
  • 4. Can be easily fitted to any size the client demands
  • 5. Add flavor and dimension to the event
  • These LED walls add flavor to the events and make the event more appealing for the people.

Applications of Rental LED Screen

The Rental LED walls for rent by UnilightLED are being used all around the world for many purposes. We have mentioned some applications of the rental LED screens below:

Concerts: They can be used in the music concerts as a background for the main stage. Numerous video effects can be played to make the stage attractive.

Wedding parties: You can play your wedding montage on the rental LED screens if you have got the budget.

Meeting and Conference rooms: If you have an office where presentations are part of daily routine, then the rental LED screens are best. They can also be useful in the video conferencing.

Discos and Clubs: These rental LED screens can be installed in the posh discos and clubs. Any video can be played with the music to cheer up the crowd.

The rental LED screens can be used in many other places as well. They are very cost effective and that’s why people prefer them over the projectors or normal LEDs. If you haven’t thought about these rental LEDs before, then now is the time to do so.