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Fine Pixel LED

Do you think that there isn’t anything like the perfect LED display? Well, you are wrong because the Fine Pixel LED is perfect. This LED gives you the finest 4K LED display screen which can be easily used in both outdoor and indoor conditions. These LEDs are built with the best materials and offer great durability.

    Small Pixel Pitch LED Display(outdoor): 3mm
    Cabinet Size:500mm*500mm or other size
    Cabinet Weight: 8.8kg

    Some interesting reasons to buy the Fine Pixel LED are as follow:

    • They offer you finest color consistency
    • The dot to dot matching offer perfect display results
    • It also offers high quality thermal conductivity control
    • It also has excellent ventilation design for heat dissipation

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This LED is best for the people who look for the best quality video display screens. You can watch the finest quality videos on this LED. It is considered as one of the finest LED display screens because of its amazing features. If you’re looking for nothing but the perfect LED then Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display is the right choice. You can find it at the Unilight LED.


Some amazing features that makes the Fine Pixel LED different are as follow:

  • 1.It offers high quality video results for best display quality
  • 2.It has great system for the heat dissipation that improves its life span
  • 3.It can be used in both outdoor and indoor conditions because of the waterproof design
  • 4.The Fine Pixel LED energy efficient and saves energy as compared to the other LEDs