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Outdoor Rental Cabinet

One that thing that is being used at all kinds of events is the outdoor rental cabinet LED screens. These cabinets are used because they make the event more enjoyable and livelier. At Unilight, you will easily find the outdoor rental LED screen that will suit all of your creative and personalized needs. These outdoor rental cabinets offer high-resolution and better quality when you play video on them.

    Pixel pitch: 4mm, 4.8mm, 6mm
    Cabinet Size:576mm*576mm
    • Suits all your needs according to your events
    • Tough to use in the outdoor conditions
    • Better brightness to work fine in light exposure
    • Best to be used in concerts, conferences and school events

    Category: Special LED Display Tag: LED Poster

People usually mix up the indoor rental LED screens and outdoor rental LED screens because they think that both are same. Well, the look and working of both cabinets is same but there are a few things that make them different. The indoor rental cabinets are made to work perfectly in indoors only while the outdoor rental cabinet works fine in indoor and outdoor conditions. Moreover, the outdoor rental LED display are designed to work fine in extreme conditions like rain etc. They have better brightness which makes them ideal to be used in outdoor conditions. Below are some considerable features of the outdoor rental cabinets:


A number of features of the Spherical Crown Shape LED are as follow:

  • 1.Better brightness that offers best video quality even in extreme light exposure
  • 2.Special design that can be installed in all kinds of environments to suit all of your needs
  • 3.High efficiency when it comes to energy saving. It consumes a lot less energy than normal LEDs
  • 4.Good looking surface which makes it ideal for important events