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Outdoor LED Display

The outdoor LED screens are made to be used in the places where durable panels are required. These led billboards are specifically made to last in the outdoor conditions. These outdoor LED display screens can also be used in the indoor conditions. They have better brightness and durability.

    Pixel pitch: 3mm,4mm,5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 16mm etc…
    • Billboards – Can be used to display different kinds of banners on the LED billboard
    • Airports Can be used to display the arrival and departure time as well as any important for the travelers
    • Shopping Malls – Can be used to display different items and to display the different discounts offers in various sections of a shopping center
    • Offices – Can be used to display the achievements, values and any new product to the clients in a better way

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Best outdoor LED screens are universal and they are manufactured to endure any kinds of outside elements with their long-life usage. The clients can select either our LED Billboards or Full Color ones to display their content in vibrant, rich and best manner that is guaranteed to attract the targeted markets.


The Unilight has effective expertise in making outdoor LED screen, according to the international quality standards that will meet customer’s expectations.

  • 1.CNC technology for the cabinets and flatness is less 0.2mm between the cabinet units.
  • 2.Constant current drive and the luminance decreases by less than 5% every year.
  • 3.High consistency and color contrast, higher brightness to guarantee good quality display
  • 4.Noiseless and energy saving power supply, brilliant heat dissipation to guarantee better stability and life period