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Indoor LED Display Screens

The UnilightLED offers the finest Indoor LED Display Screens that are manufactured in China. When it comes to the indoor LED display, we are the best exporters of this product all over the world. These indoor LED screens can be installed in the universities and churches. They can also be installed in the schools and colleges for the presentations at a HD quality display. These indoor LED displays can similarly be installed in the exhibition centers and restaurants.

    Pixel pitch: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7.62mm,10mm
    • Restaurants – Can be used to display prices, dinner or breakfast specials .
    • Exhibitions centers – Can be used to display the exhibited products
    • Cinemas – Can be used to display movies at Ultra HD Qualityz
    • Monitoring centers - Can be used to display race tracks or roads
    • Stage Shows – Can be used in Universities, Colleges and Churches to display videos

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Our wide range of the indoor LED displays are considered best amongst many brands because of their easy assembly, stable quality and long-life endurance. The Performance Series is capable to deliver your promotional content both high resolution and vibrant colors. With this advanced technology, you can make more sales on your new products by giving timely updates using these panels.


The Unilight indoor LED Screens are made keeping in mind the international quality standards and they come with a 2 years warranty as well. Both rear and front services access is available according to your needs.

  • (1) Energy saving and slim power supply, excellent heat dissipation, preference for indoor usage, noiseless, quiet fan design
  • (2) 140 degrees viewing angle reach and flatness is less than 0.2mm between cabinets
  • (3) The cabinet size is customizable
  • (4) The high-performance metal cabinet and concise cable layout