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After more than 8 years of the development as LED Manufacturer, Unilight’s all-encompassing services include the R&D, production, sales and service of indoor LED display Screens, outdoor LED display screens, High quality LED wall panels, advertising LED billboard, pole LED advertising poster display, creative LED display and small pixel pitch LED display screen.
Today, Unilight LED display is the best LED manufacturer & a world leader in automated production equipment, standard clean automation production plant and anti-static system devices. Through our systematic production process of display and integrated manufacturers of LED optoelectronics, such as the Olympic Games, World Cup, European Cup and other top competition partners, we provide stars tour concerts and world-class brands promote on a large-scale commercial performance. Start your campaign with Unilight and let the world hear your brand’s voice in surreal LED display screen.

Transforming Your Business with Unilight LED Billboard

Consistent and long-lasting LED wall panels

UnilightLED as the best LED display screens manufacturer use the highest quality LED lights for the LED wall panels grouped by brightness and color to guarantee an even image. We carefully calibrate every LED wall board to give a long-lasting and consistent image of the best quality. Our quality and rates are what differentiate from our competitors.

Deliver eye-catching messages with LED Display Boards

The highly durable and reliable Unilight LED display boards have a good reputation in the business. We will lift the message to a new and next level.

More than 12000+ projects finished within 8 Years of nonstop growth

From small businesses to big companies, sponsors and stars, our LED display screens have been extensively used all around the globe in various events by a number of companies.

High Quality LED Screen that are Cost-Effective

We are the best and cost effective option in LED industry for high quality LED screen. All the Rental LED display panels are distinguished by high levels of adaptability to meet the needs of the customers for any occasion.

Lifelong Technical Service with 24/7 Customer Support

We have a great team of professionals that are always available for a life span of service along with 2 years of warranty. We work personally with you to resolve any possible technical problems that you might come across.

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